FAQ: Is Simply Asia Spicy Kung Pao Vegan?

Is Simply Asia vegan?

As a cuisine that is naturally packed full of fresh vegetables and herbs, meat-free proteins like tofu and nuts, and plant-based milks like coconut milk – Thai food lends itself very well to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

What is spicy Mongolian noodles?

Simply Asia’s Spicy Mongolian Noodle Bowl is a savory and easy-to-prepare delight. Enjoy the classic flavor combination of soy sauce, chili peppers, sesame oil and garlic with this spicy Mongolian sauce over authentic noodles. More.

Does simply Asia have MSG?

Simply Asia Coconut Milk is made with no added MSG, artificial flavors or colors and is gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Simply Asia Coconut Milk is the perfect substitute to milk or cream for dairy-free cooking and baking. There are 24/13.66 fl.

Are yellow noodles vegan?

Thai Yellow Noodles So, as it is a vegan dish, we are using no meat and no animal products to whip up this super awesome yellow curry noodles. You will find that substituting lime juice for the fish sauce will not compromise the flavour but will ensure a full vegan meal.

What sauce does simply Asia use?

Served with pickled ginger, spring onions and cucumber. Small rice noodles wokked with tofu, egg, onion and spring onions in a traditional Phad Thai sauce, topped with crushed peanuts and bean sprouts.

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Where is simply Asia located?

Simply Asia Foods LLC is a food & beverages company based out of 30315Union City Blvd, Union City, California, United States.

Who makes Simply Asia?

Simply Asia Foods LLC was acquired by McCormick & Company for $97M on Jun 8, 2006.

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