Question: Is The Apple Dumpling Gang A Collectables?

Is The Apple Dumpling Gang funny?

THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG is full of thrills and adventure exciting enough to keep kids interested, while mild enough not to frighten more sensitive kids. Though the film may seem dated now, the mild hijinx and silly fun, wild races and chases, and wacky characters are enough to keep kids giggling.

Who were the members of the Apple Dumpling Gang?


  • Bill Bixby – Russell Donovan.
  • Susan Clark – Magnolia Dusty Clydesdale.
  • Don Knotts – Theodore Ogelvie.
  • Tim Conway – Amos Tucker.
  • David Wayne – Col. T.R. Clydesdale.
  • Slim Pickens- Frank Stillwell.
  • Harry Morgan – Homer McCoy.
  • John McGiver – Leonard Sharpe.

Where does the Apple Dumpling Gang take place?

Apple Dumpling Gang, The (film) In 1879, gambler Russel Donavan arrives in Quake City, California, always looking for a profitable poker game.

Is Apple Dumpling Gang on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Apple Dumpling Gang | Prime Video.

Is Apple Dumplin Strawberry Shortcake sister?

In the 2003 reincarnation of the series, Apple Dumplin’ was Strawberry Shortcake’s younger sister and had a pet duck named Apple Ducklin’.

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